Step 1.

Before you begin: Explain the procedure to the patient. Adjust bed height for your comfort. Remove patient’s clothing or undergarments if necessary for cleaning or caring for patient.

On one side of patient, place U-Turner with logo/handle side facing DOWN on the bed, slide one strap of the device under the patient’s knees and the other strap under the patient’s neck.

Slide the U-Turner under the patient’s side and hip area approximately 3-6 inches.

Step 2.

Move to the opposite side of the patient. Pull back on both of the straps and tug several times firmly until the U-Turner fits as tight as possible around the patient’s side.

Step 3.

Place the side rails in “up” position and secure the straps to the bed rails or bedframe.

For smaller patients, secure the straps on an angle or crisscross them to get a tighter fit. Loop the strap through an opening then clip the buckle clasp together until it clicks.

Adjust the strap by tugging down several times until it is as tight as possible. Place your fingers between the bed and strap to make sure there is no slack in the strap.

If you can pull the material up more than half an inch, the strap is not secured tightly enough.

Step 4.

Staying on the same side as the raised side rails, reach over the patient and pull on the handles.

Pull the patient onto their side and secure the straps to the bed rail or frame to keep patient in a side lying position.

Adjust the straps by pulling down on them after the clasp is clipped into place. Ensure patient is in a safe and comfortable position.

Optional: place pillow in front of patient’s torso.

Step 5.

Complete cleaning/care of patient. If changing bed linens, complete steps #7-10, otherwise go to step #11.

Step 6.

To turn patient to the opposite side in order to change linens, roll the dirty linens under patient and place clean linens on bed, tucking them slightly under the patient.

Place the side rail on the U-Turner side in the “up position”. Return to the opposite side and release the top straps from the bed rail or frame and gently roll patient onto their back.

Step 7.

Release the bottom two straps from the bed rail or frame.

Step 8.

Return to the U-Turner side and firmly pull on the two straps, pulling them in an inward motion until patient is on their side and then secure the straps to the bed rail or frame to maintain a side lying position. Ensure the patient is safe and comfortable.

Step 9.

Complete cleaning/care of patient; pull dirty linens out and then complete making the bed by pulling the clean linen from under the patient.

Step 10.

Release straps from bed rail or frame and gently return patient onto their back.

Step 10.

Questions? Please call u-turner™ support at 1-844-208-TURN (8876).